At Fairmatic we’re on a mission to make roads safer, one fleet at a time. We think about insurance, risk and underwriting in an unconventional way. Auto insurance has alway been unfair: safe and unsafe drivers that look alike pay the same. Because of this, safe drivers end up subsidizing risky ones. It doesn’t make sense. We’re using data and AI to introduce a personalized option that incentivizes safe driving with savings.

Our predictive risk models have been trained with nearly 200 billion miles of driving data and tested with hundreds of thousands of paying drivers with industry-leading underwriting results. And we’re just getting started.

Our leadership team includes serial entrepreneurs, insurance industry savants and start-up veterans. We’ve raised $42M from leading VCs as well as insurtech, fintech and technology industry angel investors.

At Fairmatic we do our best work while living our best lives, regardless of where we are. We have thriving teams across the globe and we are constantly looking for talented folks to welcome into the family. We are a curious, adaptable and diverse bunch of technologists and problem solvers who are obsessed about creating positive impact in the world. In our work together, we strive for close collaboration, humbleness and constant learning.

Career Opportunities

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